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David “DG” Grant

Creative Director

Graphic Designer

These titles are meaningless without your next project. Dependable, open-minded, innovative, successful creative director with a driven desire for beautiful design. With 20+ years of immersive, progressive, real-world experience in the graphic design field, my passionate dedication for learning new and more advanced techniques is leading to producing even more superior designs with quicker results.

Quick Highlights About Me

  • Extensive and strong background creating exciting marketing promotional materials and engaging branding elements

  • Continuous self-education to increase proficiency; savvy and systematic work-flow maximizing consistency for web and print

  • Outstanding eye for typography, pixel-perfect interfaces and photographic retouching [a.k.a. Photoshop “magic” skills]

  • Dependable and detail oriented yet able to meet tight deadlines; excellent time management and organizational skills

  • Personable; comfortable as a team leader, team player or solo; superb client communication skills [15+ year freelance career]

  • Strategic marketing experience; solid grasp of the ‘big picture’ and R.O.I. with realistic expectations for web or print projects’ outcome before beginning

  • Comfortable providing justification for design decisions


  • Rowan University
    Sept. 1990 - May 1994
  • Location:

    Glassboro, New Jersey        


    Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • A professional, studio-intensive, BFA specialization completed in four years and exceeded in all mandatory major courses (theory of design, art and graphic design techniques) with a cumulative 3.8 GPA for those courses of study. Curriculum consisted of the seven graphic design courses offered by the Art Department and fulfills the graphic design specialization requirements. The BFA specialization provided a comprehensive education upon entering the graphic design profession.

Work Experience

  • May 2001 - Present
    infin80 creative and Professional Photo Collages


    infin80 creative las vegas graphic design servicesinfin80 creative: Began in 2000, my freelance business has completed a myriad of projects for citizens across the globe. Work includes catalogs, brochures, website design and development, CDs, trade show graphics and signage, logos and corporate identities, business startup marketing and promotional materials (inc. web mail, SEO, PPC, web traffic analysis, AdWords, etc)

    Professional Photo CollagesProfessional Photo Collages, Inc.: Combining my expertise and passion for digital photographic artistry and image retouching brought about ProCollage® in 2001. Still creating approx 2-3 prints/week, we have a library of 2,500 orders. Large output design of client provided digital images and photographs crafted into poster-sized collages, pop-art, mosaics. Ongoing improvements for website sales

    CLIENTS: Marriott, Lingerie Football, Waldorf Astoria, Team Tile & Stone, Dash for Donors Charity Org., Fifth Street Gaming
  • Feb 2012 - Jan 2015
    Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas and zexzoo® /


    • Concept, innovate, design and build ground-breaking, dynamic nightlife and social networking hub with interaction capabilities; maintain consistent, hip brand image
    • Concept design mobile app to coincide with web presence
    • Concept design updated brand identity for world-renowned adult entertainment gentlemen’s club
    • Manage in-house and freelance designers; work in tandem backend programmers
    • Develop and prepare unique marketing ideas, concepts and budgeting strategies
    CLIENTS: Mile High Gentlemen’ Club, Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas, Crazy Horse Too,
  • Feb 2003 - Jan 2011
    The Media & Marketing Group and Star Group

    Art Director

    • Oversee team production on multiple, simultaneous casino accounts and their associated projects and events
    • Concept and maintain branding identities for casino properties; concept and design promotional marketing materials, ads and logos, outdoor advertising and signage, invites, direct mail, brochures and on-site marketing materials
    • Oversee/direct photo shoots, concept marketing promotions, campaigns and implementation coordination of all media inc. print, radio and internet
    CLIENTS: Harrah’s Entertainment Corporate, Sands Casino & Hotel, Trump Marina, Spotlight 29, Las Vegas Hilton, Venetian, Palazzo, Resorts East Chicago
  • Jun 1994 - May 2002
    Advertising Systems Inc.


    • Catalog, brochure design, publishing layout, pre-press production
    • Package design, newsletters, direct mail, trade shows, magazines, corporate identities and logos, signage and brand advertising
    • Webmaster; design and maintain numerous websites (b. 1995)
    • Color correct, manipulation, optimization and image retouching
    CLIENTS: Arai® Helmets, Asian World of Martial Arts, Comcast®, Caliper Inc., National Paintball Supply®
Web, graphic and logo design services

Portfolio Projects

The following portfolio samples were created from a large diversity of clientele during my career and the various design positions I’ve had. This includes work from my freelancing jobs as well as artistic creations designed for ProCollage®. A vast amount of the more glamorous projects stem from my work in the gaming and nightlife industries. All projects displayed were designed, developed and created solely by me.

These thumbnails were chosen randomly and were created dynamically from a rather new PHP image gallery script that I have been eagerly waiting to use. The thumbnails are of different resolutions and proportions. The script utilizes Git, the OSX Terminal and creates the thumbnails of all the images placed in a particular folder.

A great feature of the script is that the resulting markup is responsive. A drawback is that this dynamic creation makes it difficult to write descriptive text for any particular image easily. Nevertheless, this photo gallery showcases a vast assortment of my favorite projects. Please find more on my business ‘storefront’ site

So, please enjoy this portfolio selection that includes website design, promotional logos, billboard and outdoor signage, publication design, corporate identities and more, in no particular order...

Don’t You Forget About Me...

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OK, seriously though...for many reasons (explained, in detail, in an article I thought necessary to write), my résumé is both an interactive PDF and a two-page, vectorized, print-friendly PDF file.

If you’d like a quick recap... Problem A - major difficulty ensuring everyone Adobe PDF document file logo icon could view the functionality of the interactive PDF. Turns out only Adobe® Reader can render the interactive document correctly. My initial research before beginning had prepared me for this issue. But, as long as everyone went to the webpage, the necessary plugins and scripts would accurately portray a ‘working’ Résumé. I could live with that. If everyone download the résumé and it ‘worked’ half of the time, well, then at least they all would've seen it already properly functioning online, right?

Knock, knock! Uh, who is it? Problem B ! Resume to reading the full story, How I ended up with a Useless Interactive Résumé over on

Don’t get me wrong, I believe both résumés represent my skills well and I’m proud to have my name on them. The underlying regret and issue is the complexity to view it properly. Sharing ones résumé should be no more complicated than blinking. That being said, four options to try...

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Designed with lots of code, sweat and Monster Energy® at infin80 creative . I’m always just an e-mail away at any given time ;).